White Water Rafting on the Cagayan De Oro River, The Philippines

 White Water Rafting on the Cagayan De Oro River 1

White Water Rafting on the Cagayan De Oro River 2White Water Rafting on the Cagayan De Oro River 5White Water Rafting on the Cagayan De Oro River 4

On my recent trip to the Philippines my son Max and I decided to spend the day White Water Rafting on the Cagayan De Oro River. We were picked up from Kingston Lodge who did  the booking for us at 8am and off we went on a 30 minute ride in a vehicle called a Jeepney which is very similar to the Song Tao except a little bigger and a lot more colourful. The drive took us up into the hills of Cagayan de Oro passing little villages with tiny wooden houses where the locals live.Everyone was all smiles as we passed them and we gave them a wave, with the young kids chasing the vehicle having a bit of fun.

We arrived at our destination where we get into the rafts but before that we were given a quick rundown on paddling and safety. One thing I did notice was a family washing their clothes in the river using lava rocks as their wash board. While the parents were doing the work the kids were having the time of their life swimming against the rapids of the river. They have no need to be inside when you have all this nature around them and they will be super strong by the time they are teenagers.

Time for fun, Max and I were told to get in the small boat while the other 2 bigger boats were filled up with Filipinos. After the 2nd set of rapids we soon found out why we were given the smaller one. It was the one that tipped over the most what a BLAST!!!!!! Such good fun. 
The great thing about this river is you have time to chill in between the rapids as they are a little bit apart. You can stay in the boat or jump in the water  and float down the river till it is time to get back in for more rapids. The highlight for us was when we went down the rapids on our backs but if you do this make sure you keep your mouth closed otherwise you will be drinking a weeks quota of water.
16km later we reached the finish line and everyone was full of smiles for a great experience and we would like to thank the Tour Guides on each of the boats plus the tour company Rafting Adventure Philippines for providing us a great service and a brilliant day. 

Poolside Office

Poolside Office

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