DSCN0198My name is Darryl Clemett and together with my Thai wife Sopida Ketchaiyo we have created a golf tour company here in Thailand specialising in golfing tours. We specifically design our tours to provide a personal and exciting experience for our customers.

Tours are tailored to your individual requirements allowing as much, or as little free time as you desire throughout your time with us, whilst providing our knowledge of the local areas, solving any problems that may arise or just pointing you in the right direction for a great night out on the town. As an experienced golfer I am aware of what most golfers want, and again, can tailor our service to provide you with the dream vacation. The services we offer are truly provided by a golfer for a golfer.

Our mission is to show you only the best golf courses and the best sights and sounds and flavours that Thailand has to offer. Our tours are varied and exciting with activities ranging from fantastic rounds of golf on some of Asia’s best courses to adventures like water rafting, flying through the trees on a zip line, taking a ride on an elephant, or just creating a beautiful meal while learning to cook Thai Cuisine either in your serviced apartment or at one of the best cooking schools in Thailand.

You have probably heard about it, now let us show you to it. You never have to compromise on your dream holiday with us. So allow us to leave an indelible mark on your memories.

Darryl & Sopida

Email: darryl@fusiongolftours.com
Tel: +(66) 888981050
WhatsApp: +(66) 888981050

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